June 2, 2014


By Larry Josefowski

I’ve ridden a few bike tours, and Delaware’s Amish Country Bike Tour remains my favorite.

Food, of course, is a big part of it. The locally-baked pies at the Amish Schoolhouse are certainly worthwhile, and having entertainers perform while you take a break certainly does not hurt. It also doesn’t hurt that it is my hometown tour…and it is somewhat amusing to hear the occasional out of town visitor who seems puzzled at the “Amish” theme, thinking that we must have gotten someone dressed up in overalls, a beard, and a horse and buggy, because the Amish are “only” up in Lancaster, PA.

Larry Josefowski, a resident of Magnolia, DE.

Larry Josefowski, a resident of Magnolia, DE.

The Amish Country Bike Tour is designed as a very friendly family ride, and while there certainly is no shortage of the more serious cyclists in spandex jerseys and matching socks racing past, you also see kids and families on regular bikes, enjoying what is for them a very casual ride in a great biking area that is used to having slow moving vehicles. You might even see push bikes ridden by the Amish children, who are as curious about the spectacle as visitors are of them.

As a home course, I’ve used it as a test course for many things. My first road bike was christened on it, as well as having served as my first 50 miler. That was interesting, in that I was only planning on doing my usual 35, but I was feeling so great at the 25 or so mile mark that I decided to push on.

The flat terrain makes it an easy ride, but you can run into a headwind as the loops wind through the farm fields. I had run into a bit of wind, and it was the furthest I had ever biked. To be honest, I hadn’t really eaten much that day, and soon found out what it is like when after three hours of exercise: Your body simply runs out of fuel. Even the great pie isn’t enough for you to stop from “bonking,” which is a term I had never hear d before until that day.

I ended the tour in a daze, but thankfully there was enough tasty food at the end to get me back to normal.

This year’s Amish Country Bike Tour will be held on Saturday, September 6 starting and stopping at historic Legislative Mall in Dover, Delaware, the state’s capital. It features five loops starting with the family-friendly 15 mile loop to the 100-mile loop for serious cyclists. More than 2,500 cyclists from all over the East Coast join together for this annual ride. For more information or to register, visit www.AmishCountryBikeTour.com or call 800-233-5368.


Editor’s Note: Avid cyclist Larry Josefowski is a resident of Magnolia, DE and is employed as an IT Client Support Team Leader at Pepco Holdings, Inc., of Wilmington, DE. He is also the Assistant Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the U.S. Army North, Richmond, VA.

Thanks to Kent County Tourism for sending this in.

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