In General Delaware State Wildlife, Fishing Piers and Boat Launches are Closed Sunrise to Sunset

January 13, 2017

Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police
January 13, 2017

Are you AWARE?

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind visitors to state wildlife areas, fishing piers and boat launching facilities that these areas are closed to the public from sunset to sunrise unless a person is actively and lawfully engaged in fishing or hunting in accordance with state regulations and individual wildlife area rules. Individuals not meeting these requirements who are found in state wildlife areas between sunset and sunrise face fines up to $100 for trespassing after hours.

Wildlife area visitors also are reminded that it is illegal to operate motor vehicles – including motorcycles, cars, trucks and SUVs – off established roadways in state wildlife areas. Violators found to have caused damage also will be cited for destruction of state property. In addition, operating a motor vehicle that is not licensed for use on established public roadways – including ATVs – is prohibited both on and off-road on state wildlife areas.

“With recent snow and changing temperatures, the ground is especially vulnerable to damage from vehicles operating off-road,” said Sgt. John McDerby of Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police. “Doing ‘donuts’ or four-wheeling in wildlife areas is irresponsible and illegal behavior that damages essential wildlife habitat, that also causes unnecessary work and expense to repair the damage.”

Other noteworthy general wildlife area rules and regulations to remember include:
– Camping, fires, target shooting (including paintball or airsoft) and dumping or littering are prohibited in state wildlife areas.
– Dog training is permitted only within established dog training areas or during open hunting seasons for the game animals that the dog is being trained to hunt.
– Hunting is permitted only in specified areas and only during designated hunting seasons.
– Firearms are prohibited on state wildlife areas from March 1 to Aug. 31, except during legal hunting seasons or as authorized by the Division of Fish & Wildlife.
– All state wildlife areas are designated carry-in, carry-out for trash.

For more information on individual wildlife areas, including the rules and regulations specific to each wildlife area, wildlife area visitors are encouraged to view Delaware wildlife area maps. These maps are available in hard copy at DNREC’s Dover licensing desk and online at Delaware Wildlife Area Maps.

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